Company History


12 establish


04 EFT, DJI professional repair and delivery (Jeonnam, Jeonbuk)

04 Aerial filming and video filming for the completion of the Shingi-ri River Maintenance Project

04~06 Delivery of drones to Jangseong-gun and Gochang-gun agricultural machinery support projects

07 Jangseong-gun rice pest control project implementation (Samgye-myeon, Samseo-myeon)

08 Establishment of an ultra-light vehicle pilot training center

09 Samgye High School noncommissioned officer department drone pilot qualification support

10 Attracted 8 nationwide agencies

12 Korea Sports Economy 2020 Customer Satisfaction Innovative Company Grand Prize

12 Sports Seoul 2020 Innovative Korean & POVER KOREA grand prize

12 Quarantine and Sanitation Headquarters Migratory Bird Habitat AI Emergency Quarantine Project (Buan-gun, Naju, Hampyeong)

12월 Asian economy TV coverage and TV transmission

12월 Buan-gun, Jeongeup-si Agricultural Machinery Assistance Project Drone Delivery


02 Sports Chosun 2021 Innovative Korean & Power Brand Grand Prize

05 Industrial Cooperation Agreement with Kimcheon University

05 Selected as cover model for "June issue"

06 Established around 50 nationwide agencies

06 Conducted after-school classes at Jangseong Buk-yi Elementary School

06 Jangseong-gun rice pest control project 8 administrative district offices (Jangseong-eup, Samgye-myeon, Samseo-myeon, Buk-myeon, Jinwon-myeon, Nam-myeon, Dong-hwa-myeon)

07 Implementation of joint pest control project in Imgok eco-friendly complex

08 Conducted the nation’s first 50% subsidized joint pest control project hosted by Nonghyup (Jangseong)

08 Bangbang Ilbo "Reported on success stories of recruiting discharged soldiers and starting a business

09 150 pilot trainees for national certification training (1 year)

10 Jangseong-gun women-friendly village company agreement

10 Delivery of agricultural drones to the Department of Agricultural Mechanics at Jangseong Hitech High School

11 Supply of agricultural drones to Radio Wave Promotion Association

11 Delivery of about 300 agricultural drones and educational drones nationwide

12 Agricultural machinery follow-up management facility certification


04 Joined the 12th Youth Entrepreneurship Academy hosted by the Small and Medium Venture Business Corporation

04 Started sponsorship of World Together, an incorporated corporation

05 Establishment of company-affiliated research institute

06 Direct production certification

07 Certified as a professional educational institution designated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

07 Participated in a prototype production support project organized by the Jeonnam Information and Culture Industry Promotion Agency

07 Participated in 22 years of advanced transportation equipment parts support project organized by Jeonnam Techno Park

07 Drone search found missing person awarded Jangseong Police Station credit and letter of appreciation

09 Industry-Academic Innovation Agreement with Chonnam Provincial University

10 Participating in the World Festival Parade in Gwangju

10 DTXMX KC Certification

10 Patent registration of sprayer assembly that can be replaced quickly

11 A demonstration of artificial pollinator Naju pear farmers will be held


01 Donate 60 Army Mechanized School Drones

02 Minister of SMEs and Startups Award (2023.02.13)

02 Patent Application for Drone-Fitted Smokescreen Pest Control

03 Excellent companies selected by the Information Culture Promotion Agency

03 Excellent companies selected by Jeonnam Technopark

03 Increase in capital (60 million won)

03 Registration of Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Member

04 Add up-type

04 Venture company certification

04 Army Infantry School Business Agreement

04 Donate 150 Army Infantry School Drones

05 H + HAEOREUM trademark application

07 Gimcheon University Convention on Industry-Academic Cooperation - Gimcheon Control

07 Jangseong-gun Disease and Pest Control Project Implemented

07 Naju, Goheung Direct Management Store Opens

07 Appointment of the Jeonnam Youth Cultural Content Planning Team

09 ISO 9001 Certification

09 Haeoreum trademark registered

09 Capital increase (KRW 200 million)

10 Jangseong-gun Insulation Assistance Project

10 Jangseong-gun Joint Ryegrass Project implemented

10 More than 700 drones sold / 300 trainees

10 Process Innovation Completes A/S Capability Advancement