CEO greeting

Haeoreum Drone Air Co., Ltd.

Leading the 4th Industrial Revolution in the field of drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, and unmanned robots

Haeoreum Drone Aviation is a leading drone industry in the cutting-edge technology sector, and it prides itself on the production and development of agricultural drones and industrial drones.Through continuous technical research, we produce innovative special parts and focus on various research projects.

In addition, Haeoreum Drone Airlines is developing creative businesses in various applications of drones.We are working with local governments to successfully promote drone joint control projects, drone insulation and light-shielding agents, and prevention and disinfection projects using drones.

There are more than 121 regional agencies operating within the company, and we are also carrying out projects to train national functional qualifications and experts put into the field to train drone experts in each field.

We, Haeoreum Drone Airlines, are always pursuing new challenges and innovations, and are also passionately involved in research and development (R&D) in the field of drones.Our vision is to continue to develop as a company that leads the future of drones.We will become Haeoreum Drone Aviation, a drone comprehensive solution company that flies around the future together and creates new possibilities.